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How to get image gallery header off?

  1. Here is my blog

    The problem I am having is that when I created a gallery under the PICS section, the header for each picture when clicked upon has the file name. In most cases the file name is a large collection of numbers that run into my information on the sidebar.

    Is this just a formatting issue?

    Also, can anyone direct me to a theme that has the "previous/next" arrows so that I viewers don't have to go back to the original page to click on another picture.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. First, you can change the titles of your pictures so they are not a large collection of meaningless numbers. Go to your media library and edit the pictures to put titles on them.

    Second, the gallery feature is not perfect: it does not include "previous/next" arrows. You can insert code yourself though:
    It's not difficult, but tedious. And to do it without getting confused, be sure to give your images titles you can read easily.

  3. @Tess: In some themes (e.g. Misty Look) you do get previous/next tabs or thumbnails in the attachment pages.

    @nmerk2: Unfortunately I don't remember which ones; you'll have to preview them and see for yourself. As for the names problem, another solution is to choose the image link option instead of the attachment page.

  4. Really!!

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