how to get images with the new captions to go in a horizontal row?

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    with the old image uploader I could just select “none” for alinement and not move the cursor as i added each image and i would get them to line up left to right like text. now t bumps me down to the next line as if i had pushed enter. I am trying to put a photo gallery page in I had one partially done before the neew caption feature and liked it but can’t get it the way i’d like now. I really wish i could just write gallery and have all the photos go there LOL :)



    You can; just do [gallery]. It’ll only add the photos uploaded to that post, though.

    Otherwise, you can strip out the captions by clicking on the HTML editor and removing everything in square brackets.


    There is a maximum width for the post area in each theme, and the “medium” sized image insert option is too wide to allow three images side-by-side. You can check how wide your post area is here: and then adjust your image sizes so that the three together do not exceed the maximum image width.



    I was using thumbnails. i’ll try stripping the html manually although that’s a lot of work with that many images.



    As tsp said, depending on what theme you’re using, you might be able to put three medium vertical images in a row. I’m using “The Journalist” which has a wide horizontal dimension (690 pixels officially). See the bottom of this page:



    It works for me if I align all the thumbnails left.

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