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    I m sorry if i m putting this question in some place where it does not belong to, but i dont know how to find out…
    I m curious about how to get in touch with other people, for example who share the same interests as i do. Like theater, or sports, or new zealand. I want to get to know other bloggers who have the same hobbies and interests. How can I look for them? Is there any place where I can look them up?
    And where can i find other people and threats in this forum concerning the things i like to talk about? Like I was looking for new zealand, i tiped in new zealand, but there was just one user named new zealand who came. I would be very greatful for any answer!
    THANKS! and have a good day =)


    the forums aren’t really the place where you’d find that stuff, they’re primarily for support and suggestions.

    however, from the dashboard of your blog, you can check out the tag surfer, or you can always click on the tags under your posts to find other people writing on the same subject. just make sure to leave a comment when you read something interesting.



    first of all keep writing, then use the forums, do some tag surfing .. .. keep monitoring the blogs of the day and yeah leave your comments whenver something intersts you ..


    thank you very much ! :)



    drmike has his site pimpmyblog where it gives tips to how to promote your site. I don’t have the link. Someone help??



    sunburntkamele’s advice is definately worth taking not of as well as rakeshkum’s and in point 2 I give you the link nosy has referred to.

    (1) At the top of this page are three words Home – Tags – Forums. If you click on tags you will find a cloud of categories that you can use as well as the “tag surfer” on your dashboard which sunburntkamel and rakesh referred to.

    (2) If you got to you will find tips from drmike the forum Moderator on how to effectively promote your blog which in essence will bring you into contact with other bloggers with similar interests.

    (3) You can do a technorati search by tags to find other bloggers writing on the same subjects.

    (4) You can do a google search on blogs to find other individual bloggers and groups writing on the same subjects.

    Happy Blogging :)




    Since I wrote that, I’ve become even bigger about properly categorizing your posts. I think that will be my next article for that blog. :)

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