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How to get listed on Google images

  1. Hi

    I started blogging about a month ago and have been excited at seeing my blog show up on google web searches. I've got a lot of images on the blog but can't seem to get them to show in Google images.
    I've searched under that names of the images - no luck. Am I doing somthing wrong?

    all advise welcome :)


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I really don't know. Several of my images do show up in Google images. When they do they often have good searchable words in the title, so this might be one thing Google uses to index them.

  3. @sonnieharris
    Click this link and scroll down to Optimising your images where you will find 9 tips.

  4. Brilliant, thanks! most of my file names has spaces in them. I guess that could be the mail attributing factor. It mentions that it can take 6 months to get files into google images - that's a long time....

  5. Spaces in the file names is a definite no-no. On the bright side it means you have lots of time to edit the image files in your Media Library and optimize the content (ALT title, descriptions, etc.) so think positive and get busy ... :D

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