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How to get LiveJournal import to work?

  1. I have been, trying for a couple weeks now, to get my LiveJournal imported to WordPress. It imported the first 100 posts and then stopped. Now all I get is:

    "Uh oh – LiveJournal has disconnected us because we made too many requests to their servers too quickly.

    We’ve saved where you were up to though, so if you come back to this importer in about 30 minutes, you should be able to continue from where you were."

    This happens every time, no matter what time of day or night, even when I first sign on to WP and press the "continue import" button.

    I'm quite frustrated and appreciate any/all help. I'm using Firefox 16.0.2 on WinXP Pro.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This thread if flagged for Staff assistance.

  3. Hi there, I've stopped the unfinished import for now.

    Could you please let me know the URL of your LiveJournal site so we can investigate? Thanks.

  4. Hi there. My LJ is:

    Most posts are locked, but I did enter my password and it did import locked posts.

    Thank you. =]

  5. Thanks for this. We'll get back to you with assistance.

  6. Have you by chance given this another try? The LiveJournal service is pretty tricky in that it limits you very quickly, resulting in the error you encountered. Really about all you can do is wait and try again. I'd be curious whether trying again after the wait so far imports any posts at all for you or just fails again. Thanks!

  7. Hi again. I tried for at least two weeks. Various times of day/night. After the first import pulled in about 100 posts and then stopped, it would always give me that same error. Never worked again. I'd get that error the first time I clicked the import link.

    I just tried again and so far it has pulled in another 300 posts. Now it's somewhat stalled on 'processing next batch'. Hopefully this will start going a lot smoother as I have 10 years of posts to import.

    I appreciate all the help. Thank you. =]

  8. I just checked, and it looks like at least some of your posts from 10 years ago have imported. Not knowing how many posts you have altogether on your LiveJournal blog, I'm unable to know if it's actually fetched everything, though. Please do keep us posted. Thanks!

  9. Just wanted to check in again quickly and see where we stood with this import. I spot-checked a few months and things were looking good, but it'd be good to have a more thorough check and confirmation from you before we declare the issue resolved. Thanks!

  10. The import pulled in just over 3400 posts, which seems to be about right. I did notice a few duplicates and it did not set them as password protected as I'd selected. Now I have to go through just over 3000 posts and add a password, or maybe delete all the posts and try the import again.

    But, for now, it seems to have pulled in all [or almost all?] of my LJ posts.

    Thanks again for everyone's help! =]

  11. Great! If you'd like to set a password on all the posts, I may be able to automate that for you and save you a lot of effort. Let me know if that appeals to you, and if so, I'll open a private ticket so that the password isn't displayed publicly here. In any case, welcome to!

  12. I also should have noted that you can set the whole blog to private if desired. Just go to Settings -> Reading in your dashboard sidebar and switch the blog to a private one. Then, only users whom you invite will be able to read your blog. This is an all-or-nothing switch, though. I'm still happy to pursue the batch password update if you'd prefer that.

  13. dllh ... I have to go through the posts to update links, etc., so I think I just do it manually. Thanks for the batch offer, though.

    I hope you and the WP staff have a great holiday season.

  14. You're welcome, and thanks for following up. May your holiday season be happy too. :)

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