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How to get me to NOT look at your blog...

  1. I like to look out for new blogs, especially ones that are on my wave length, that suit my style and interests.

    "I'm a passionate foodie cook, crafting, working gal who obsessively photographs all of the above both at home and when I travel. .. and I get to travel quite a bit. Hope into my suitcase and come along for the ride and if I'm at home let me take you on a tour of where I live and recipes I make at home."

    So... There it is, a short summary of my blog and what I write about.

    What turns me OFF looking at other blogs ?

    Well, if I open a post and see: "look here, look here" and no description then sorry you won't be winning yourself any fans.

    I'm assuming that:
    a) you are blogging 'cos you love to write.. so being mega stingey with words shouldn't apply here.
    b) you'd like someone to read what you write as a nice by-product of your passion for writing.

    IS it SO hard then to ask that you tell us in a very short summary what your blog's focus is?

    Me I've got a full time job, hubby, kids, a home life to run, hobbies, a blog, and a social life outside the computer, and there are millions and millions of blogs out there so I'm NOT wanting to waste precious moments of my life "guessing" what you are about.

    Tell me in a succinct way so I can see your style and maybe come and visit.

    Just waving a "pick me! pick me" one-liner in front of my face ISN'T the way to do it.

    Oh, this was nothing personal to anyone here in particular.. just my advice for newbies...
    ...rant over :)

    regards.. kiwidutch :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Opps spelling goof... that was "Hop" into my suitcase...

  3. Well, I'm a college freshy..

    I haven't found my niche quite yet. But I've been writing about things that hit me. Now my thoughts are consumed about how I can make this part of my day interesting to explain on my blog or this conversation. It's funny how that works.

    I like to scope out other people's blogs,too! Definitely consuming though, so I know what you mean..

    Well, check out my blog if you wish..


  4. I'm 100% in agreement with you, Kiwidutch.

    I go nowhere near any posts that implore me to read the blog, yet give no information about it. If they think giving the absolute minimum is going to create the kind of intrigue that would make me want to find out more, they are sadly mistaken. I shouldn't have to work that hard. It sounds harsh, but that's how I feel.

    You've given an idea of what your blog's about and although I love eating but hate cooking (sacrilege!), I'll dip in from time to time. I may even try a recipe, but my loved ones will be in for a long wait.

    Shaunadacus. I've bookmarked your blog, but haven't given it a good go yet. I expect I'll subscribe to it sooner or later. You're very friendly and very persuasive.

  5. Like Shaunadacus I am a freshy... a high school freshman that is, not college

    I just recently started blogging, I haven't gotten on my feet yet, but I love writing and I felt very inspired during my snow days. I have an extremly hectic life, I go to an elite school where all classes are either honors, plus, AP, or university dual enrolment and I have dance all the time. So my blog is about my hectic schedule and all the crazy stuff that happens in my life, especially with all the drama at my school (and I am not talking about snobby teenager gossip drama, I am talking a couple of years ago a couple of boys were arrested for hacking a major company's computer system and they now work major computer programming corporations and I believe 2 of them work for the government now). I will also talk about my dance, which is a big part of my life. I want to be a history professor, so after high school I probably won't get to dance as much or maybe not even at all because I will extremely packed with school work. So I am trying to make the best out of my last 4 years at my studio, and trust me there is a lot of drama with current rival dance studios and that sort of thing.

    I am Italian and love cooking, photography, movies, and literature. So my blog will probably include some recipes, photos, movie and book reviews as well as my daily life. Again like Shaunadacus, I have not yet found my niche yet, I am very new to this, but I have plenty of ideas I just need time to develop my voice.

    I only have a few posts right now, but I would love if you just looked through them:

    Thank you! :)

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