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How to get more visitors to your blog??

  1. Hi all,

    I would really like to know how I can upgrade the number of visitors each days. I always put tags in my stories and I fill in all lines when I publish a photo. Any other tips on how to get your blog in the picture of everyone?

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yours is the single most ask question here - look back in the forum a bit or do a search in it - you should find at least 12 threads asking the EXACT same question within the last 48 hours.

  3. I'm only five months into WordPress and I've seen this question asked a billion times. If you are an owner of a buisness and want customers, what do you do? Advertise. Well, in blogging there is no better way of advertising your blog than reading other blogs, and commenting. It's very important to comment, think of it as leaving your footsteps all over other peoples blog pages. Serious bloggers may/will click a new name in a comment list to discover new exciting blogs. Get reading and commenting. :) Good luck.

  4. bothfeetcynthia

    It's true, commenting on other blogs and posting in forums draws an audience. Don't forget the power of social media like Facebook and Twitter as well! Also, sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit can be really useful too.
    All the best. :)

  5. Enable social booking marking icons below your posts for your visitors to use >
    Set up Publicize >
    Post Facebook badge if you are a member >

    If you are new to or if you are interested in supplementing your knowledge I can recommend a comprehensive tutorial. The Learn tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series:

  6. I know this question gets asked a lot because I've asked it myself. The answer is usually do a search.

    The problem with doing a search on the WP forums is that only either the last 15 recent posts come up, the second option posts that are supposed to be relevant, are never that relevant. Terms like "Self Promotion" are thrown around all the time in forum posts which makes a Google search of the forum impossible as too many results come back.

    Most of the support documents and those you find searching on Google for tips on publicising your blog, just regurgitate the same information. Suggesting you connect to FaceBook and Twitter etc, and post on forums relevant to your subject.

    Someone mentioned 2leep to me in another thread. I've submitted a few posts to them. Some accepted some rejected. It's brought a few hits back. Nothing amazing, I've looked at more posts than anything.

  7. I see a lot of folks wandering around trying to attract an audience and I'm thinking that if you know who your audience is then you go where they are.

    Identifying your audience will do more than ensure that you write clearly. It will also help you focus on the reader’s needs. The following questions can help you identify your audience and what you can do to address their wants and needs.

    1. How many kinds of readers do you expect to have? List them.
    2. What do you know about the characteristics of those people who you expect to become readers?
    3. What is most important to them?
    4. What are they least likely to care about?
    5. What do you want your audience to think, learn, or assume about you?
    6. What impression do you want your blogging to convey?
    7. What do you want your audience to do? What is your call to action?

  8. anidealistthinker

    hi timethief,

    I had just written a LONG comment in this box, for you. I had also answered the 7 questions you asked. Now, I have lost it because of a temporary connection failure.

    Will it be too much if I ask you to personally visit my blog and give me your opinion as an individual rather than as a WP blogger?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Thanks for the info, Ian. When I say do a search, I KNOW the search in the forums is not good. I always use Google:


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