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How to get my blog posts to appear as this one???

  1. How do I get my blog...

    to look like this one (not mine)...

    I want my posts on my blog to appear w/o the entire post showing--as in the second example, above, where only part of the post shows and a "Read More" link to the remainder of the posts.

    Thank you for your kind attention.
    Dick Gaines
    [email redacted]

  2. You can split the post with icon #13 below:

  3. There's an icon for the read more in your editor. It's #13 in the link below; you just create the space where you want it to go, click the icon and it will create the link. You can also do it by hand by placing <!--more--> in the code area.

    One other thing is that your blog looks like it has a lot of content that's been pasted from other websites. The mix of formatting is causing some errors on your blog; there are a couple of icons which can help with the formatting as well, #17F and 17H. Hope that helps.

  4. Whoops, sorry ellaella. Slow typing again. :)

  5. My thanx to all of you who have responded!
    Very helpful.
    Dick Gaines

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