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How to get my site to show up on Google

  1. I'm having trouble getting my website to show up on Google. Any advice would be great. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Before we can help we need a link to your blog.

  3. I'm having the same problem! How do we send you the link to my blog? e-mail the address? Excuse my total ignorance, first time in making a blog!

  4. thesacredpath

    Put the link to your blog here in the forum with your question.

  5. My blog shows up on google and I just really tag a looot. It should help a little?

  6. sensuouscurmudgeon

    If your blog is hosted here at WordPress.COM, you don't need to do anything. Google will find you, but it may take a few weeks. If you feel that you must, you can give them a ping by going here:

    You don't need to ping them, as this website automatically does it whenever you post; and if you do ping them, just do it once. Note that they DON'T want http, just the actual blog name, such as

  7. @elisabeth, tagging a loooot can mean that your blog is not showing up on the global tags pages, and search engines get suspicious if you use too many. With the global tags pages here, a combined total of 10 or 12 tags + categories will keep you on the global tags pages, and they bring in a lot of search engine juice.

  8. Oh haha I don't tag more than like 5 tags per post but I mean like I tag so people will know what my posts are about. I have several tags in general but it's not like I overtag a post :P

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