How to get my viewers to receive update by email (private blog) ?

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    I have been running around in circles trying to activate a seemingly inexistent setting that would send an email to all the viewers of my blog once I post a new content.

    My blog is a private blog, and as such, people need to receive an invite and create a wordpress account before getting access to the blog.

    All these people keep telling me that they don’t receive any update when I post a new article and they get rather frustrated as they feel they are missing out :-(

    I understand that if my blog was public then any follower would receive an update by email. But because my blog is private somehow this does not happen.

    There must be a way around it right??

    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is





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    They would need to follow your blog. Just because they can read your private site does not automatically mean they are following you so they’d get email updates.

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