How to get new email address to move from "pending" to actually being changed

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    I changed my email address from Comcast to Verizon. The Comcast address is no longer working so I want to receive my own posts at the new Verizon address. But I am not receiving them and, in my profile my new address shows as “pending” and has shown that way for over a week. How can I make that change happen? Will that be enough to start receiving my own posts again, or do I need to “subscribe” to my own blog?

    The blog I need help with is



    I tried to change my email, too, and the new address seems to be working, and I have already received two WordPress messages asking me to confirm the change, and I have confirmed many many times, but cannot use the new address to log in and the “settings” page still says “pending”. Go figure. — Maybe the problem is in my very bad internet connection, broadband but spooky.

    :-D WordPress has opted for the Salmonic solution: they let me sign in with just my user name, without e-mail.

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