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How to get on the Freshly Pressed Page?

  1. How can you get your blog featured on the "Freshly Pressed" page?

  2. I think it is hand picked by the team. You may observe what type of content gets featured there and try to write similar butoriginal, high quality and interesting content with nice images. Good luck!

  3. Hey everyone!

    The person behind the curtain is me, Joy Victory, the Editorial Czar for Each weekday I go and look for the best posts on and add them to Freshly Pressed.

    I'll soon be posting more documentation on what it takes to get added to Freshly Pressed, and why it matters to your site -- stay tuned. We also just added a Freshly Pressed feed that you can subscribe to:


  4. What do you prefer in terms of bribes? Hypothetically, of course.

  5. lol .. ;D

  6. thenormanomicon

    Will you be posting that on your site, or will it be on the general feed?

    I'm definitely interested in this, occasionally I actually post something someone else may like to read. :)

  7. Please take note of the notice on your dashboard and read >

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