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    I am new at blogging and computer challenged, I would like to get loads of people to follow the blog,increase awareness of what I am doing and hopefully increase bookings, how do you go about doing that?

    The blog I need help with is


    one of the best ways is to subscribe to and comment on other peoples blog, leaving your blog in the signature =]



    And obviously linking your blog to your name.
    So maybe you could follow my blog first :)



    Here’s a good place to start
    It’s important to understand that the best way to introduce your blog to other bloggers and attract traffic and comments to it by far is to seek out blogs in the same niche as your own blog and to leave meaningful comments on the posts in those blogs. That being said there are also other strategies you can employ.
    Here are two other helpful posts:
    There are twenty five steps every blogger can take to increase the flow of organic (unpaid) traffic to their blog.



    What I like to do is to make sure that any post or page I write is interesting to me and/or useful for me. If it is, chances are it will be for others as well. (:



    I do agree that interesting content is an attractor. In blogging content is king but promotion is queen. However, you can have the most interesting content in the blogosphere but if it’s not found you will not secure a flow of orgainc traffic to the blog. If one fails to get a Google Webmasters account and verify their blog with the big 3 search engines they have missed the first very important step.

    In order to be a successful blogger:
    (1) You need to have expertise in a niche.
    (2) You need to know how to write very well.
    (3) You need to structure a reader friendly and search engine friendly blog by learning how to apply basic SEO techniques.
    (4) You need to build an archive of high quality original content.
    (5) You need to update your content frequently with new posts in order to hold reader interest.
    (6) You need to learn how to promote your content effectively through social networks and also through twitter and friendfeed and other RSS feed sites, thereby encouraging other bloggers to backlink to your posts.
    (7) You need to form relationships with other bloggers and create a blog centered community.
    (8) You need to encourage your readers to comment on your posts.



    Whole lotta spam in this thread. Time to clear out the non-Wordpress bloggers, methinks.



    I see one blogspot link.



    I’ll chime ine — after almost a year of blogging (will be a year in January), I’m finally getting a steady readership and search engines are sending quite a few hits my way. My stats jumped dramatically over the last 3 months. Before that, I would go days without a single hit but I kept blogging anyway. I honestly wish I knew about these forums way back then as a lot of what I did was “trial and error.” There were times I messed up my blog so bad with weird codes that I almost gave up. I was seriously considering deleting my blog. Now it’s easy, stats are moving up. I learned about word content, proper titles, tags, and submitting my blog to the search engines. If I am any indication and the norm, it takes a while for the search engines to really start sending folks your way. I guess patience is the key — just keep plugging away and it’ll happen.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.



    Oh, and one other thing I do — I comment on other people’s blogs because I am interested in what they have blogged about. I don’t comment because I want them to comment on mine. In fact, I comment on people’s blogs that have no relevance to my blog and are unlikely to comment on mine. What I have noticed is that when I have comment on other’s blogs that are unlikely to comment on mine, some of their readers make their way to my blog. For instance, I am a reader on someone’s blog that discusses fashion and stuff like that. My blog is SOOO unrelated (it’s a religious blog) that the blogger only came to my blog once. I like her blog even if she doesn’t comment on mine. A couple of her readers have made their way to my blog as well.

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