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how to get photo-credit text to ignore border?

  1. Hi
    Can anyone help me with how I can get text (photo credit) to go snug up against the bottomleft edge of a pic? I can't figure out how to tell it not to treat it like - and separate it from - text body.

  2. No, I have the pictures in okay, it's just the text-by-pictures issue. Thx tho

  3. This prolly doesn't help either then:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are trying to hang some text underneath the photo and then treat the two things as a single entity and have the rest of the text float around it?

    I think you want to wrap both the IMG and TEXT in a DIV tag.

    But I'm not entirely sure supports DIV tags in posts.

  4. *chuckle* Cheat. Edit the photo pulling down the bottom of it a bit and adding the text in there directly to the picture.

  5. Had another thought. Why not do it as a table? The picture in the top portion and the text in the bottom.

  6. That's how I usually end up doing exact image placement -- tables.

  7. I used the custom CSS to create a class "illus" for images.

    .illus {<br /> display:block;<br /> text-align:center;<br /> width:504px;<br /> overflow:hidden;<br /> font-family:verdana;<br /> font-size:10px;<br /> margin:4px auto;<br /> padding:0;<br /> }

    This gives a centred image with centred credit text. If you changed the text-align to left and put a border attribute in it would allow you have bordered images with the text inside the border flush against the image. float</float> would allow you to move the image to the left or right rather than sit in the centre like you have now rather than site in the centre.</p> <p>Alas you cannot inline style. Or at least I can't.

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