How to get pictures activated in Widgets?

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    It is easy and wonderful to use images and videos in new posts. But how do I get pictures uploaded to a Widget?

    The blog I need help with is


    The easiest way to do it (I assume you mean to activate a link from a photo in your widget) if you don’t want to bother with learning the coding … Is to create a new post, add your image in the “visual” view, click on the image (which should bring up two little images in the upper left of your photo). Click on the left one, which should read “edit image”. Then you’ll see a space to copy and paste an URL to associate with the photo. Paste the URL you want in the space that says “Link URL”. Press update. When you’re done, go to your text view and you’ll see the coding that was generated. (It’s the coding for your image, with the URL, that you just created.) Copy that, delete your new post, and paste that coding into your widget. Seems like a lot. But it’s easy. If you mean you only want a photo in your widget, it’s basically the same thing — but just skip the whole URL stuff. Create a new post, add your image, go to the text view, copy the coding, and paste it in your widget. Best wishes.

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