How to get posts on both front page and a subpage

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    I want all my posts to be available on the front page, but I also want my posts to be sortes into categories accesable from subfolders (headings).

    I used the hint from rosclarke in this link, but somehow there is a lot of extra spaces in the headings when I use this hint.

    Check my page
    The headings “Nyheder” and “Sjovheder” is created by using the technique by rosclarke, but how can I remove the unnecessary spaces in the headings, to make them look like the other?



    There’s he link for my website…



    That thread is old and predates the introduction of the custom menu feature. Also you are posting to the wrong support forum and we can’t help you here at all with that site. This support forum is only for free hosted blogs. You must post to vs The Differences

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