How to get Recent Posts in Sidebar?

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    Okay hi, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get Recent Posts on my blog in the sidebar.
    From what I see so far: You need the RECENT POST WIDGET; but I don’t understand how to install it after downloading? I don’t have web hosting, just the simple free account with Is that why?

    Huge apologigies if I’m really not looking in the right place (though I’ve searched for a couple hours). I just thought it might something I can add. Thanks for the help.



    – Go to Dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets.

    – Click on hold on the Recent Posts bar and then slide it from the Available Widget column to the Sidebar 1 column.

    – Release mouse button.

    – Click on Save Changes.

    – You may want to take a few moments are read the FAQ at teh head of these forums and the FAQ blog as well. While this question really isn’t answered in there, if you’re downloading something and trying to install it, I’m guessing that you haven’t read either one yet. :)

    Hope this helps and good luck,



    I don’t seem to have SIDEBAR WIDGETS in PRESENTATION part of my Dashboard. Is it because of the theme?

    I’m sorry if the question was dumb or redundant, and yes I’ve also looked over the main FAQs but I couldn’t identify with any of those.

    edit: I answered my own question then. Again, apologies for frustrating the mods that have to re-read same old FAQs.. it is the theme’s support.. THANKS!



    A couple of the themes here do not support widgets. You may have hit on one that didn’t.

    Sorry about that. :)



    Isn’t his theme Regulus by Binary Moon? because they do have the recent post widget for that theme. Unless the theme was just suddenly switched.



    I think he or she changed it because it wasn’t Regulus when we started.

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