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How to Get Rid of "Fonts From" (from Type Kit)

  1. Tried using Typekit fonts, found it frustrating so I deleted my account. But, I still have the "Fonts From" at the bottom of the screen - how do I get rid of it? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not sure but I believe you will need Staff help to remove it.

  3. I just removed the code and updated the empty space and that took care of it.

  4. Yep, just remove the Typekit ID code from the Appearance -> Typekit Fonts page in your dashboard to turn it off.

  5. How can you get rid of it if you are a Typekit user with a paid (upgrade) account? I understand that you can get rid of it w/ a paid account but haven't been able to figure it our? Thanks,


  6. Try one of these two. One of them should work

    #typekit-badge-akk8gpo {display:none !important;}


    .typekit-badge {display:none !important;}

  7. It is possible to hide it with CSS currently although it might be one of those things unofficially frowned upon, maybe ask staff how they feel about this first! The IE filter bits should work but I'm on a mac so I can't test them.

    .typekit-badge {opacity:0;filter:alpha(opacity=0);-ms-filter:"alpha(opacity=0)";}


  8. Ignore me. TSP's method is much better.


  9. I'll try it and see if it works. Typekit doesn't require the badge with a paid account. :) Thanks!

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