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How to get rid of icons ?

  1. Hey again,

    I was wondering how to remove icons on please ? Actually I'd like to get rid of the calendar, edit post and few other icons. So, if you guys have any idea it would be great thx you !

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your visitors can't see 'Edit Post' - it's for your eyes only. Removing the other features will require the CSS upgrade AND some knowledge of CSS.

  3. I've bought the CSS upgrade already and I do have some notions ( far to be a pro but enough to do 80% of my blog ), anyway I'm almost finish but removing icons is my last a problem to solve.

  4. Okay, everyone who is using the iNove theme and wants to remove the date/author/comments icons from his or her blog posts can try this CSS code:

    <br /> #primary .post .info, .post .date,.post .author,.post .editpost,.post .comments,.post .addcomment,.post .addlink,.post .editlinks<br /> {<br /> display:none;<br /> }<br />

    Note that the different elements are all named in plain English, so if you want one or more of the icons to appear exclude them from this code. Good Luck!

    Hillel :)

  5. Thx you very much Hillel !

  6. Oh the effect look different than I was expected, I was talking about removing icons to have this kind of result :

    Posted by Derek on August 25th, 2009 at 11:39 pm ..

    instead of

    "defaut icon" Derek "calendar icon" August 25th ..

    for exemple thx x

  7. Sorry, perhaps I'm missing something?
    Are you trying to link to examples of what you want to do?

    "Posted by Derek on August 25th, 2009 at 11:39 pm" ???

  8. no problem thx for you answer , actually it's just an exemple of what I'd like to obtain.
    I'm sorry it wasn't clear enough.

  9. Right.
    But your link is obscure. What is it you are trying to emulate?

  10. This is how my news actually looks like :
    And this is what I'd like to have
    thx 4 your help.

    I've visited your blog btw ( awesome ) I love Japanese food and I also translate mangas from Japanese.. vanyway very interesting blog.
    Thank to you I've made Black Kikuage Yaki Udon this afternoon :x

  11. @sowon

    I'm happy you liked my blog and enjoyed "Black Kikuage Yaki Udon" but the links you posted are still not clear. Sorry.

    Your blog shows up fine, though:

    If you are looking for a CSS answer, then I can't help.
    CCS + me = nothing!

    But otherwise, I still don't understand your question.


  12. The solution to changing the display name "sowon" to "Jesse" is nickname. See >

    I don't have a solution for removing the little icon.
    CSS + me = confusion

  13. Hi timethief
    Hi sowon
    Ah ok so
    The light dawns…

    so hello Jesse!

    my sleepy head!!

  14. @Tess
    Tea time - every thing will look better following a cuppa. :)

  15. @tt
    Yes, you are right. It is going to be a difficult time here for me. I will have some tea.

  16. He's trying to remove the two icons. I took a look, and that theme has all the icons in a .gif image:

    You'll have to remove the icons you don't want in a graphic program, then re-upload the file, and add it as a background image to the following classes:

    .date, .author

  17. Oh exactly, thank you wpadvanced, that's the only way to do that I think.
    I thought I could do that via CSS but no.. *sigh*
    Thank you timethief and 1tess, and sorry for this hard time. ( i'll have a cup of tea too ~ )
    I'm only working on the css preview that's why you can't see the progress in my blog but here's a preview :

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