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How to get rid of Image border

  1. candyapplescraps

    I used border="0" but the border is still there..

  2. candyapplescraps

    Sorry, forgot to sign my name, it's Candy! :) thanks..

  3. candyapplescraps

    I think I might need to go back to bed.. :) the full script in the widget is

    If you would like to link to me, please use this logo, huggz Candy

    <p align="center"><img src="" alt="Candy Apple Scraps" width="170" border="0"></p>

    Thanks so much, I think I'm awake now.. lol huggz Candy

  4. Are you talking about the whiteish border around images in the sidebar? If that's the case, that's part of the theme which you've selected for blogging. It's not something which can be changed without CSS upgrade

  5. candyapplescraps

    Yes I am, thanks... will get the upgrade in a couple of months...this sure was a fast response.. :) huggz Candy

  6. You get a fast response when I've had my starbucks :P

  7. Try this:
    <img src="" alt="Candy Apple Scraps" width="170" style="border: 0;"/>

    It may work.

    If it works the magic part is:
    style="border: 0;"

  8. Oh frigg. Make sure to have a space before closing the tag with

    Otherwise it won't be parsed properly.

    <img src="" alt="Candy Apple Scraps" width="170" style="border: 0;" />

  9. Oh wow foxtrot, I thought I knew what I was talking about. I'm not sure if she'll be back as she closed the thread out. I thought the border was a part of her theme, as all sidebar images have the border.

  10. I'm almost tempted to think I'm one of the local CSS capacities.

    Inline CSS in HTML overrides the Stylesheet if nothing is set as !important (and it's not stripped by our "beloved" Rich text Editor). Comes handy if you want to do funky stuff in a post.

  11. Thanks for that tip, foxtrot. I didn't know this! It may be useful for me, who hasn't upgraded to CSS yet!

  12. Most welcome.

  13. candyapplescraps

    Wow thanks so much Deltafoxtrot!!! I will have to remember this.. I have only taken html and had started a class on Xhtml but dropped out due to real life! That closing tag looks like Xhtml, is it? Just so you can see your handywork! Thanks again.. huggz Candy ps. yes I function with coffee too.. God Bless Starbucks!! :)

  14. Glad to help.

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