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How to get rid of "poppressed"

  1. How do I remove a popup that has recently begun appearing called "PopPressed" from my MistyLook-themed blog? The clutter it adds detracts from my Authors' posts. Is there a setting to turn it off, like with the "also being discussed" feature.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The free hosted blog linked to your username is empty. Please post the complete URL for the blog your are referring to starting with http://

  3. I located "poppressed" and it appears to be like "ecopressed" and foodpress"
    If you need any further clarifcation with regard to the pop-up on your blog please contact Staff directly >

  4. Odd that I would be identified as

    The blog in question is

    So you don't know how to get rid of "poppressed", eh, timethief? Well thanks for the chat, nevertheless. Let's see if anyone else has a clue. This can't be affecting just my blog.

  5. Alexandriablog,
    I just started a class and for homework wrote 3 posts...rss feed, privacy settings are not open to SEO yet. I mean I am just starting.

    So it's the luck of the draw. To date, I have somehow acquired "pop pressed" & "eco pressed" advertisements with thumbnail images which repeat across the bottom of all 3 posts.

    I asked what to do as they are in the way of a download link. (I moved the link.)

    The instructor said: it is part of the agreement to help pay for the experimental part of You have 2 choices:
    You can, for $30. USF, go advert free.
    You can move to your own web-hosted site, with and move your stuff.

  6. Thanks, 4margar8, I was afraid of that.

  7. I have seen this recently, but only when I'm not logged in to WordPress,

  8. I'm getting that problem too. And just like knashermac2009, I see it only when I'm not logged into WordPress.

    The links are leading me to other WordPress blogs.

    It's a bit annoying actually. I hope spam links won't show up over there.

  9. These are not spam links. These are advertising links authorized and implemented by Please see here >

    The only way to "get rid" of them is to purchase an annually renewable No-Ads upgrade for your blog. See here >

  10. bubblegumcage3

    Ugh. This is horrible. I'm getting these weird bits of Poppressed text appearing in my pingbacks. I assumed it was the work of some highly sophisticated spambot. Very distressing to find it actually has to do with WordPress. The WordPress folks need to stop this. It makes them look sketchy. It could really damage their image and the good will of paying users.

  11. What bothers me about the ads are that they seem to be completely unrelated to my posts. I'd be okay with if they somehow tied into my posts - but to see a link to "why Prince William and Kate should honeymoon in Jordan" under a post about eco-friendly practices and sustainability - it just weird.

  12. bubblegumcage3

    Yes, it's irrelevant and tacky, which makes it look like spam. I can't imagine what they're thinking.

  13. My wife has a photo blog at and this is one of the reasons she is moving to SmugMug ( SmugMug is designed for photo sharing and selling and frankly she has outgrown, which has a paltry selection of photo blogging themes and clearly isn't investing in this area. The PopPressed thing was the last straw. Her blog will just become a pointer to her new site, once it's ready.

    I don't object to WordPress's policies and I'll continue to use them for my blog ( I'm more in their "my blog is my personal printing press" sweet-spot.

  14. Yeah, I'm really not happy about this. How long has this "we'll occasionally advertise" item been on that page? Not only are the links tacky and irrelevant, and NOT occasional (per some friends who have been asking about these ads recently), but I've been using Creative Commons-licensed works on my site that are designated for non-commercial use. An ad on my blog nullifies its non-commercial stature, doesn't it?

  15. @queensissy

    I've been using Creative Commons-licensed works on my site that are designated for non-commercial use. An ad on my blog nullifies its non-commercial stature, doesn't it?

    Hello there. It would seem so. has been running advertising on our free hosted blogs since 2006.

  16. To again repeat what my instructor stated: The advertising pays for the use of this open source wordpress software and site and thus your free experience with it.
    This means your options are:
    1. Pay to have adverts removed on an annual basis.
    2. Move. Pay for a host site and install the free version on your own site and you be responsible for maintenance, security, etc.
    3. Keep your site and live graciously around your benefactors.

  17. @timethief:
    What you linked to at 9:50 pm seems a little different than what's going on now. That was a test, and users were notified of this change in a post from Matt. When I see that the page noting terms and the "no ads" page were modified today, I'm just a little... frustrated, I guess. I don't recall these terms when I signed up.

    Anyway, the whole thing is a moot point since I don't have any monetary exchange contract with WordPress; it's been free up to this point so I guess I shouldn't complain. I just wish there had been a more clear heads up on this.

  18. @4margar8
    Thank you for not repeating as it does not address the creative commons issue.

    You are correct. There is nothing on the signup page when we open a username account and blog that states what the features page and support documentation pages do about advertising.

    Here are the other links:

    To support the service we may occasionally show ads on your blog, however we do this very rarely. You can remove ads from your blog for a low yearly fee. We also have an option for high traffic blogs to show their own ads.

    Support documentation >

  19. I am testing the AdControl program and will report back on whether or not it actually reduces the visible ads.

  20. @queensissy: I agree, a more clear heads up would have helped. It would have been a show of good faith too, a recognition of respect for us, who are partners, not beneficiaries, of Instead, they treated us like dirt.

    I chose WordPress specifically because it was not commercial and had classier themes than blogger. (Come to think of it, I'm not sure blogger has big, intrusive, unrelated, tacky ads like poppressed etc.)

    So now, without warning, just as I'm starting to beef up my career blog to complement my newly beefed up linkedin profile - for my urgent job search - here comes these ugly, cheesy, gross ads that make me look completely unprofessional.

    I will be looking for a new home for my blog. Thanks for nothing, WordPress.

  21. How about those of us who actually paid for our sites and are being spammed by 'poppressed'? I signed up 6 days ago and paid $25US for my .com blog. Had I known about this, I would've purchased my domain and host from another cheaper provider (being cheaper than the $55 you now expect me to pay). Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure hiding a term like this at the bottom of the page qualifies as misleading and deceptive conduct. In Australia, you must clearly bring any financial terms to the party's attention prior to entering into the contract. Don't be surprised if you have a legal suit brought against you from paying customers. Not happy at all!!

  22. @ausblackletter: wow, that really is too much.

    i'm sure they didn't give us much of a heads up because they knew they might get an uprising like facebook did when they went too far. for sure they would get many, many people quitting wordpress.

    speaking of which: blogger has no ads at all. and it's still all free. themes may be tackier, but the wordpress "visual" ads are over the top tacky, especially their placement at the bottom of each individual post, because they look like we, the bloggers, put them there.

    bad, bad, bad for bloggers, wordpress, and therefore bad, bad, bad for wordpress business.

  23. This "On the PopPressed Radar" is horrible - right in the middle of the pages with images and links completely unrelated to my blog. This is very cluttered distraction and prevents wordpress users from controlling the appearance of their blogs. If this continues I will drop wordpress.

  24. I'm ticked off about this. I had a poster come in to comment on my blog, and she contacted me, very upset ,that one of the 'PopPressed' links had profanity and links to 'suggestive' pictures. In no way do I want this on my Lyme Disease Website!

    I paid $25 for the .com name thru Word Press. I don't want that stuff on my site!!!

  25. @arkiehinny
    When we pay for a domain and domain mapping as I did for both of my blogs that's all we get. There are no "perks" as our blogs are still on free hosting.

    Before Upgrading – Important Notes
    Same Rules Apply – The Domain Mapping Upgrade does not enable the permission to use advertising, any kind of prohibited code, or upload additional themes or plugins. With the upgrade, your blog will still be hosted here at, which means that you will not have FTP access to your files and you will still be required to abide by our Terms of Service.

  26. Nearly $30 yearly to 'purchase' NO-ADs for my site? good grief....A site I bought and paid for the domain name thru WordPress? They've gotta be kidding, this is unreal.

    I don't want other's blogs with inappropriate language and partially nude people on my site. That is what PopPress has put on my also contains profanity. I just don't want his. If they dont' remove it, I'm gone.

  27. Timethief: It may be better for me to just pay for the NO-AD thing than to go to a completely different host, having to transfer the domain name, etc. Whatever is involved, I don't know, I've never had my own domain name until now. Can I just move it to another host? I hate to do it......WP has excellent web designs.

  28. Please take this up directly with Support. The more people who contact Support over the number/placement/gaudiness of the PopPressed ads, the better the chance it will get some attention.

  29. @arkiehinny
    Yes you can move your blog content to a self-hosted install and have total control over it and edit your theme to your heart's content. However, you do need to have the skillsets to maintain that self hosted install. Please see here to get a clear idea of what's involved. >
    See also >

  30. timethief:
    Sounds all too complicated for me. I'll figure something out...for now, I've still got a nice, crisp site....with just 3 tacky looking PopPress blocks on on one page. Let's hope it doesn't get any more cluttered.

    Appreciate the infor!

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