How to get rid of this line (or border) on the navigation menu?

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m trying to tweak an existed WordPress template called Toni. However – I’m having trouble getting rid of the breaking lines of my navigation bar on the right hand side of the page. I’ve tried several CSS command (for example ‘border-style:none’) but they’re still there and I feel like giving up now. :/ Please help me out here, thank you.

    Here’s an image of the line:



    Can you give us a direct link to your blog, starting with http?


    Hi there,

    I haven’t purchased the custom CSS add-on so you wouldn’t be able to see the changes I’ve done to the original template. :( If you can though, take a look at the stylesheet of the template “Toni” by Chris M. (It’s available on WordPress) I couldn’t find the CSS class/or division/or whatever it’s called of the lines I’m trying to get rid of. I appreciate your help, thank you. :))



    Please provide a link as raincoaster requested. we need to examine the code. Thanks.


    Here’s the link:

    You don’t see the lines now as they are the same colour as the background. But with my adjusted CSS the background is dark grey so you see the lines right away.





    #menu ul ul {

    to have no border.


    Thank you, deltafoxtrot. :)



    You’re welcome, happy blogging! :)

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