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How to get screen of youtube video to show up on post- not just the link

  1. Hey folks, hopefully this is an easy enough question.
    I'd like to start a post off with a youtube video and so would love for the screen shot to show up as an image on my post, and not just be a text link to the video on youtube.

    How can you do this on WordPress?


    in case you need to see my theme to see if it's compatible:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. first, go to the page that you want a video on.

    Then, near the title there are a few images.

    Click the second image in that row. this one is for videos.

    A screen pops up and near the top of the screen, there are a few options.

    Click on the option that says URL

    Open a new tab or a new window

    Then go to youtube and choose the video you want to upload.

    Copy the URL of the site at the top. NOT and i repeat NOT the Embed or HTML. Only the URL of the site.

    Go back to the other page that you had and paste the URL in the box. The rest should be pretty easy

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