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How to get Slideshow option to show up?

  1. According to #8 on this page :

    We are suppose to be able to choose whether we want a slide show or other options. I've tested in both Safari and FF, both sites and, and none of the options after random order are showing up.

    Where do I go to get this fixed?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. And when I click on the images on my test post on all I get is a page that states content not found

  3. The change to the Image Uploader the "Insert Slideshow" option is missing. Until the button comes back, after you've uploaded your images, Inserting a slideshow is quite easy - just type in [slideshow] wherever you want it to appear.

    The instructions are found here >

  4. I've been doing a lot of reading, my blogs are self hosted. Is that part of the issue?

  5. RATS! Yes. I made the classic mistake of not being sure that you were a WordPress.COM blogge,r and not yet another lost soul from WordPress.ORG that we cannot help here. The support forum for your software is here
    The differences >

  6. That is ok....It has been confusing the heck out of me

    Thanks for the help

  7. Hi Folks!

    Just published a post on my blog about a simple (and accessible) method for creating your own slideshows. Doesn't use shortcodes or require JavaScript, accessible through the text editor, and works fine on self-hosted blogs.

    Constructive feedback appreciated.

    - SB

  8. I hope you are not going to drag every thread on slidehsows out of the searchbox and post the same thing into it because we are not allowed to post blog promotions, and because there are many bloggers waiting for their threads to be answered but you are bumping old threads above theirs.

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