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how to get someone to respond to my post

  1. michaeljohnmitchell

    no one's responded to my two posts (see below) but they keep helping others (poor me)

  2. I can't find your two threads. Can you give us a link?

  3. (see below)

    Might you be more specific? Like, with a link?

    It's considered bad form to bump threads or publicize them in this manner, because basically anyone who has an answer gives it. If your post didn't get answered, either it's been answered a million times before or nobody has an answer.

  4. michaeljohnmitchell

    sorry about the etiquette, I'm new to this. Here's one of the threads. I'll post the other in the next reply (they're boht about CSS modification)

  5. michaeljohnmitchell

    Here's the other link. Again, sorry for the etiquette

  6. There is very, VERY little support for CSS in the forum. You could well be on your own for that.

  7. Sorry, I know nothing about CSS...

  8. @michael, I responded to both of the threads.

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