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    I am totally new to wordpress. Previously i was blogging with blogger but now i want to switch to wordpress. So what i want to do is that to keep my blog name the same and just to host it on wordpress.
    I just signed up. But after signing i cant see any option of hosting the blog or opening a new blog, the options i can see are Global dashboard, Profile, blog stats, blog surfer, My comments etc.
    So can you please guide me step by step till i can successfully host my blog on wordpress.
    THANKS !



    You have two sign up options.
    The first is to sign up and not take a blog – result – global dashboard.
    The second option is to ask for a blog. does not host third party blogs. However, you can get a blog here and you can import your contents into it.



    Take a tour around the FAQ and you’ll find instructions on importing blogs, registering a domain name, and beginner resources. I know that’s a bog-standard answer, but it’s your best starting point.

    You can also type “Beginner Resources” into the forum search box. There are half a dozen or more threads with resources here for you.

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