how to get tags and bundles to appear with import?

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    I’ve searched in forums & done some Google poking on this too but no luck. Odd; I’m sure this must have come up for others too.
    I understand about not having my cloud able to display, and I get that.
    But when I imported my (admittedly many) data, all the tags and bundles have disappeared. Poof. Like, totally vanished. So each URL instead is displayed in my sidebar, which continues like a long walk down the stairwell of a very tall building. I would prefer to just have my bundles (and/or tags) display, linking to the more extensive list.
    Understanding that deleting a bunch of my sites isn’t what I want to do, what options do I have ideally to have my tags and bundles appear, or if not, to do the display another way, or just have a button go straight through to my page?
    Looking for a way to tidy the mess.



    Update: even confusing-er …

    I decided to try a different theme. Shazam, all my links appeared organized, with tags as headings. So that’s the good thing, the bundles/tags import problem seemed unique to Regulus.

    The bad thing I noticed afterward, is that the entire display of all tags and all sub-links, in the new theme(Andreas), is there in entirety twice! One in each sidebar, and with different format for each.

    I can’t make one go away.

    What the heck?????




    I only see the links in there one time. I’m guessing that you fixed the issue.

    I do see some javascripts though in there as links about your stuff. Those don’t work and you might want to remove them.



    Actually I’m still working on it – they’re still there in right and left columns (they’re waaay down in the left sidebar, and at the top of the right sidebar).
    There was that problem with the display in the Regulus (sp?) theme. What I have realized though is that the current double-display of links is user error not software error :D . Oops. I have part of my links listed in Blogroll, and – oh yeah! – I also have a Page created with all my links, the thinking being there are too many to display on one page, so give a link to a separate page if anyone wants to use them. So I guess what I need to know is,
    – is there a button available that I could just put on the blog, which could link directly to in a new browser window (can’t seem to find info on this??)
    – where can I find info about how Pages hierarchies work? The Page Management page says ‘they live outside of the normal blog chronology and can be hierarchical. You can use pages to organize and manage any amount of content’ but I’m having trouble finding info on how to organize them. My Page seems to be displaying as content in a sidebar on the main page.

    Anyway I appreciate whatever info anyone can provide.
    Thanks for your patience,

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