How to get tags to link to my blog’s tag page, not the global tag page

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    When a user clicks on my the tags above any of my posts, they get taken to the global tag page. I want them to be directed to my blog’s tag page; a lot of my tags are fairly idiosyncratic and I’m the only one on the global tag page anyway, so they might as well just be kept on my blog. Is there a way to make this happen?

    The blog I need help with is


    Only by selecting the middle privacy option under Settings>Privacy.

    And please paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your nickname to your blog (as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know Before Posting). We usually need that to give a relevant answer.


    P – the middle option reads “block search engines”… so is this meaning that, if booley wants to direct tag searching to their blog, their blog won’t be found in google, etc? Just wanting to clarify before I make any changes for myself.



    The global tags pages have a tremendous amount of search engine juice (page rank) which means that any blog listed on them benefits from that page rank and that blog’s page rank will be higher because they are listed on the tags pages. That means that blog is going to rank higher in searches than they would if they were not listed on the tags pages. Many bloggers get a considerable number of visitors from the global tags pages. When I had my main blog here, I was getting nearly 20% of my visitors from the tags pages, and many of those have turned out to be regular visitors to my blog.

    The only way to make the tags listed under or over each post go local is to block search engines (middle selection), which means no one will be able to find you from searches on the search engines.


    I hope raincoaster sees this thread and chimes in on this as she teaches blogging for a living and has a tremendous amount of knowledge on this subject and always suggests wordpress.COM for general blogging because of the tremendous advantages in exposure you get here.



    Honestly, I do. I’ve recently re-started a blog here and one independently-hosted, and the WP.COM blog is growing at ten times the rate of the external blog. Tag and category pages are a major part of that. has a vested interest in giving bloggers here a vested interest in being here, and they have a vested interest in building the community and connections between bloggers. The global tag pages do that. Here’s how the SEO works:

    Search engines rank some web pages higher than others, and one of the biggest factors in that ranking is the number of other pages that link to that one page. When you use a tag here at, it normally acts as a link to that global tag page, thus making it a little more important in search engine eyes. Every other blogger using that tag ALSO counts as a link to that page. It could potentially have links from five million websites, thus making it hugely, HUGELY important to search engines.


    It counts as a link from that hugely important page back to your blog. This is as powerful as the Huffington Post linking to you, except you don’t have to take crap from Arianna Huffington. It won’t drive as many hits, but it WILL convince search engines you’re an important blog, and they should rank you accordingly.

    If you use the tags News, Politics, Religion, and Celebrity on a post, you’re probably linking to four pages that are in the top 200 most important pages on the internet. And they are, all four, linking back to you.

    It’s not uncommon for my students to make four posts over the course of an afternoon and end up #1 in Google for something popular by the end of their first class. Seriously, this is a VERY powerful effect (and one of the key reasons I haven’t moved my blogs off the site).

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