How to get the content links on Untitled theme?

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    Sorry of I am not using the correct terminology, I am new to wordpress and the Untitled theme. I can not figure out how to get my content to appear on the page in smaller “links” like in the preview – what I mean by this is that when I publish something it all appears, as in the image and the entire post. I want the image to appear (smaller) and have the first few sentences appear and then you click it to keep reading. I am using this lovely blog as a reference:

    As you can see… she has the photo and title and then you click on it to see the rest of the post. This is what I want but mine keeps publishing the entire (long) post and I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

    I am also struggling to add the links above the header (as you can see hers has home, about, contact, portfolio, map). I added categories that I have been assigning my posts to but the categories will not show up on top of the screen (where I want them) or anywhere else for that matter. They don’t know on the side at all either) They only show at the top when I add them under “pages” but then I can’t assign my content to pages and have it show up when you click on them…

    Someone please help!! I have been trying to figure this out for days (with the help of google, youtube videos, all to no avail!) thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    The More Tag should help a bit

    More Tag

    (with the help of google, youtube videos, all to no avail!)

    Try these links next time

    Support documents & learn WordPress


    Thank you! I tried it and was able to change how much of my post shows up. Can anyone help how to get the “home, about, contact, portfolio, map” options at the top of the screen?

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