How to get the slider working on the Stay theme

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    Although the slider is a most impressive feature of the Stay theme, getting it working is highly problematic for a lot of beginners.

    Well intention forum staff need to appreciate that there is little point in sending these confused and frustrated users to the theme’s documentation [ ] because it does a very poor job of explaining what needs to be done to get the slider working.

    The responses to all the following posts do just this – send the person seeking help to the totally inadequate 4 step explanation on the Stay theme’s description page:

    Below, I have provided a more comprehensive explanation of what is required:

    1. In your Dashboard, create a Page that in Page Attributes has as its template the Home template.

    2. Go to Settings then Reading.

    3. Set your Front page to display a static page that is the page you set in step 1 above to use the Home template.

    4. If you have previously set a Header image on your Home page, you must remove it (because the Home page must not contain its own featured image if the slider is to work). Go to Appearance then Header and click Remove Header Image, then Save Changes.

    5. Go to each of your other pages and in the bottom right hand corner, set a Featured Image.

    Max size is 920 × 383. This means that if the photo you use is more than 383 px in height, WordPress can use it, but will crop it equally, top and bottom. Width does not seem to matter – on my site (, I used images 960 px in width.

    6. Go to Appearance then Customize then Home Slider.

    7. Select up to six featured page images to add to the slider then click Save and Close.

    The slider containing each of the secondary page images will now operate on the Home page.

    It would be helpful to new users of the Stay theme if this description could be reviewed, improved and moved to the theme’s home page [ ] in place of the current explanation; alternatively, this forum post could be referenced from the theme’s home page.



    Hi Peter I’ve used the Stay theme before, but now I’m using it on a new site. I’ve done everything just as I done on my other sites with this theme, including all steps you’ve outlined, but for the life of me I can figure out why the home page slider won’t display. Any thoughts from anyone? I’ve set the Home page to the right template, I’ve designated the Home page as a Static page, I’ve created pages and added Featured images that meet the size criteria, I’ve used the customize feature to add these pages to the slide, and still no slider images on the home page. Help please!


    Sorry I meant Petolo! And that was nice of you to post, the first time I tried to set the theme up with the slider was a struggle, so I would have liked your help. Except that now even these steps aren’t working!



    Hi gretchenclairegarnett. Just call me Peter – Petolo is my user name.

    I am pleased to hear that you appreciate my documentation of the Stay slider. I had a frustrating struggle with it myself and had to work from clues in various other posts, so I decided to consolidate those clues in the hope that it would help others.

    I wish I knew what is preventing it from working for you. My only thought so far is that when you made one of the changes involved in the steps required, you may not have done a Save or Update.

    Could you also check all the relevant settings in one of your blogs where the Stay slider IS working. Then compare them with the same settings in the blog that isn’t working.

    And please, if there is anything in my documentation that proves to be the issue, let me know so I can correct it immediately.




    Hi Peter,

    No, your documentation is perfect. And all the settings are the same. I’m completely baffled here.

    Anyone else have any ideas?




    Peter – You are a lifesaver!! I wanted to use the stay theme for my website ( but just couldn’t seem to get the home slider working. Many thanks for taking the time to share your expertise with this theme. You rock! :)




    Hi Andrea

    That was kind of you to acknowledge my work documenting the stay theme slider. I am really pleased to hear it has helped you.

    Your reply also reassures me that my procedure is both correct and understandable. gretchenclaire who posted before you was still having trouble after reading my post and I was a little concerned I may have left something out.

    I am a technical writer by profession and documenting these sorts of procedures comes naturally to me. WordPress lets itself down and frustrates its users (many of whom are beginners) with poor quality documentation.

    I had a look at your web site. It’s great, and brilliantly showcases your lovely jewelry. You use the slider splendidly with those big close up images. Only thing missing is a photo on your About page of your dog Ace. I like dogs – and dog photos – close ups are best :-)





    THANK YOU so much for sharing this. I’ve been struggling with the right size for the featured image. You are a gem! <3


    Thank you so much! I couldn’t figure out how to do this. You made that incredibly easy. Just a little note to those who were as clueless as me. Do not name the page you create with a home template. By not naming it you allow it to default to the home page.


    Thanks for writing this up it makes it a lot clearer.




    This was extremely useful although I am having a few problems. I have managed to sort out the slider but it has loaded the featured image straight underneath my slider. Why has this happened and can I move it?




    Hello Hayley

    I am not sure exactly what your problem is but I have two suggestions:

    A. Please re-read my step 4:

    “4. If you have previously set a Header image on your Home page, you must remove it (because the Home page must not contain its own featured image if the slider is to work). Go to Appearance then Header and click Remove Header Image, then Save Changes.”

    If what I call a Header image is what you call “the featured image “, then following this step may solve your problem.

    B. If this is not relevant, please advise the URL of your site so I and others can see your problem and try to understand what is happening and how to fix it.



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