how to get titles of portfolio to be permanently visible

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    Preemptive thanks to anyone that helps! I’m using Port Theme. Does anyone know how to have the titles (mine are “about”, “what to expect” and “contact/location”) of the portfolios I’ve added to show up permanently? I notice that the majority of the traffic to my site are mobile users and on the mobile version, the titles of my three portfolio items are not visible so I am assuming that visitors don’t realize that they are links.
    Of note, I know where to put CSS into my site but I am a coding re’tard. :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi katieborowiec

    Are you wanting to have the menu items to show by default?

    At the moment your theme is showing the ‘hamburger menu button’ which needs to be clicked to open the menu.


    Thank you. Yes, I’m thinking that having the titles constantly there will make people want to click on the “portfolio” pics more. -katie



    The sliding menu is controlled by some JavaScript.

    I don’t think what you are asking is achievable using only custom CSS. I have tried a few ways but all of them cause other problems with the menu.


    Thank you so much for trying! I could always just edit the image to contain the title. Thanks again!



    You are welcome. Perhaps try looking at themes with more menu options.

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