how to get video (youtube) on main page

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    Hi, I’m SUPER new to wordpress and not that savvy with technical matters, but I’m trying to get a video to be displayed and played on my main page rather than having it linked to another page on my site (I’m using “Origin” theme, if that matters). If someone could help, it’d be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    Grab the address bar link of the YouTube video and paste into your page on a line of its own. It’ll show up as an embedded player.



    You’ve chosen one of those themes that doesn’t make this easy. Origin normally doesn’t display any media at all on the front page. You can override this for most things by going to the Write Post page, clicking to the Text editor, and copying all the code you want to show up on the main page. Then paste that into the Excerpt box below the Write Post box. Update the post. That should do it, but that theme can be touchy to work with.

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