How To: Give each visitor a different page per each visit.

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    Happy Solstice to all!
    THIS year I’m serious…. and in a hurry..
    AND no programmer/scriptologist. :-}
    As per the title, I need to duplicate another non-WPress Site of mine, which gives an alternative page display clicked on from the landing page based on their IP address, or ?
    Like those scripts which “know” you are “signed up” and don’t pester you any more :-) and bypass the front page/s.
    BUT which directs every visitor to a random page, selected by a randomiser script, each time.

    It could be as simple as just a Landing Page with a randomising “click here” button, I guess.



    What is the URL of the site in question?




    Hi there people,
    Site is not applicable (I used the option when posting that it is not relevant) as it is non-existent yet.




    We need the URL as the answer depends on the site (and specifically the hosting).



    Hi there raincoaster,
    Perhaps you mis-read my posts:
    1. There is no Site stated because there is no Site, yet.
    2. As you can see, this request is on the WPress.COM Site.

    I can easily put it on a WP.ORG Type Site as well – if necessary.
    In fact, thinking about it, it may require deeper access than WP.COM allows?




    3) easily a third of such inquiries come from people who think they are going to be hosted at and aren’t.

    There is a workaround that will work here, but it is more easily done at for sure.



    Hi Raincoaster,
    You are right – it *IS* confusing out there!
    I was hoping to do the lazier, hi-protection thing and go with the monster system behind WP.COM.
    It is an incredible package -esp. at the price! :-}

    One of WP.COM’s big appeals to me is that it really is in the cloud.
    I’ve asked around and nobody I know has ever been trashed by a visitor spike and as for going down regularly like the rest of the Net….

    Ok, you can’t flog things on WP.COM and it may lack a manual “gearbox”, but I’ve always liked automatics, anyway. :-)

    But, if to get what I want may mean going to WP.ORG, not a problem. I have 3 Rentabox Shared Hosts to use.
    So, either way I’d be very happy to hear about the options.

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