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how to handle a blog that stole content from me

  1. This weekend I noticed that a blog hosted on copied a post I wrote for my own blog, and posted it as if they wrote it themselves. They provided no attribution or credit whatsoever. I tried contacting them, but their blog has no author information or way of contacting them. When I added a comment to the post in question, it was removed a day later. What can I do about this? What is's policy regarding blogs that infringe copyrights?

    The post on my blog:

    The blog that copied my post:

    Thanks for the help,

    P.S. I host my blog on my own server using's software, but am posting here because it involves abuse by a blog.

  2. Email to dmca ( at ) automattic ( dot ) com would be best

    For reference:

  3. Thank you. I went ahead and did that.

  4. Going to mark this as resolved since the blog here got ToSed.

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