How to have a clean theme with just one random post

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    Hello, i wanna have a blog that looks like this website:
    The idea is to have just one post on the homepage and be able to click somewhere to make another random post appear at the same page.
    If possible, i’d like to be able to show just the title of the random post, and then, when the person clicks on it, it goes to the whole post.

    Is it possible to be done with wordpress?
    Could you help me? Its a project for my master, so i really need help to make it happen.


    The blog I need help with is



    You can create a static page in Pages > Add New and set your front to display that page in Settings > Reading. The content of the page can include a link to a random post. The HTML for such a link is this:
    <a href="BLOG URL HERE?random">VISIBLE TEXT HERE</a>



    Thaaank you so much!! Im almost there. Now the doubt is how to make the visible text change everytime it conects to a new post. The visible text should be the title of the post, is it posible??



    No, that’s not possible in the link. The post itself will have the title in it, but people will have to click to see which post it is.

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