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    Hi all,
    I see blogs where matter is like columns in a newspaper with the matter in one column and the picture besides it and vice-versa. How do I make that sort of thing happen in wordpress and without using any coding? Is it possible?

    I saw a friend’s blog and she has done the same. On probing a bit, I learnt that what she had done is divided the page into a table having two columns so picture could be put one place or the other. Could such a table be put by us using the Visual Tools or its not possible.

    Awaiting your answer.



    You would need to add table code into the HTML view of your editing window.

    There are currently no visual editor options for this.


    If you’re not familiar with HTML, there are some online table creators which will allow you to enter your criteria, and then preview and create the code which you can then paste into the HTML tab in the editor. This is the one I use: .


    There’s also a code for two columns, which I think is rather simpler than tables:

    <div style="float:left;width:50%">
    <span style="padding-right:1em">LEFT_CONTENT_HERE</span></div>
    <div style="float:right;width:50%">
    <span style="padding-left:1em">RIGHT_CONTENT_HERE</span></div>

    (You can change the percentages, if you want unequal columns.)

    But for simply having text and image side by side, you need no extra code – you just upload the image before the text and align the image left or right.


    I created a table quite easily using Microsoft FrontPage. You can add a table, then add your data in the correct rows or columns, then preview the html code and presto – it’s all done.

    However, if it’s just pictures on one side and content on the next, then, I’m with panaghiotisadam – align your images right or left of the text as desired.



    Hi all,
    Thanx for your replies. I tried doing it the way you guys said. While I’m able to get the table the effect is not so good.

    Any tips or things you could tell which would make it better, If there is anyway to make it wrap-around the picture so it looks better.

    Something like this

    Matter Picture

    so that the picture is sorta surrounded by the matter. Any ideas on this would be nice.



    ugh, it didn’t come out right, its like matter is on the top of the picture, its on the left of the picture and its below the picture, sort of how it comes in the newspaper.



    Actually, that looks really good. You just don’t have enough text to go on top of, beside, and under the pictures, and that would be more complex table coding as well.

    You would need:

    One row, with a single cell double wide with text in it.
    One row with two separate cells, picture on the right, text on left.
    One row with a single cell, double wide.

    And you would need to be REALLY careful where your line breaks fell, because otherwise you’d get some funny cutoffs.


    @shirishag75: For wrap-around text you need no table code: you just write the text and insert images at the proper points, setting their ALIGNMENT to LEFT or RIGHT. (But you need more text for that, as raincoaster says.)

    For the post you link to, an improvement would be some space between the columns. Where you have
    <table border="0">
    make it
    <table cellspacing="20" border="0">


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    Thanks panaghiotisadam!
    I found your information about columns very useful. It’s a nice way to have a column for pictures and a column for text that don’t interfere with each other.



    Hi all,
    This has me in another soup. While by itself the post looks cool, with the sidebar though, it goes through the sidebar, any bright ideas for what I should do?


    You’re table is too wide for the post area due to the width of your images.

    You can change the width of your images, or you can try setting the width of the table to 450px – the maximum width for the theme you are using by adding width=”450″ to the beginning table tag as shown below.

    <table width="450">



    thank you for your reply. I have one more query before we can most probably close this one :-

    How you are able to get the code to show in a different way?



    I’m using microsoft front page also as masterclasslady. But sometimes it can be copy-paste to wordpress easily, but sometimes it can not work. The page can not e displayed. I’m not familiar with HTML and make me headache. Anybody can help? Thanks.



    Yes. Get Windows Live Writer (if you are on a PC). It does tables easily.

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