How to have an option to move between one image to another

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    Hi All

    I have an images blog & For some reason I forgot how to create the option in which there is a previous/next button behind every image so that it is possible to move between them without tediously going back 7 forth. Also, I have a strange feeling that something has changed in my blog settings in the sense that once, when you clicked a thumbnail, the image opened up but still in the wordpress-frame, & not as a image only page. here, these are some examples that would probably make more sense to what I’m trying to do:

    the next link shows how an image, once clicked, should look like, including the previous/next button:

    the next link shows what happens NOW when you click on a thumbnail:

    anyone? any ideas?
    thank you!!!!

    The blog I need help with is


    You’re talking about attachment pages. For individual images, you need to click “Post URL” before inserting. For galleries, you select “Attachment Page”, not “Image File”, in the gallery options.


    I’m pretty sure I did not upload images before (when things did work, that is) through a URL. can you maybe be more specific on how should I work in order to have my images in the same format at the first link please?



    Hey again.
    I just checked again-they ARE marked as image files & not to attachments


    ok…got it! i think…thanks!


    You’re welcome. I wasn’t talking about adding images via URL, I was talking about the option you have re what happens when you click on an image. See here:

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