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How to have caregories links alphabetized

  1. christineskitchen

    Hi, I am new. I searched, so sorry if this is a repeat. I am using the Ocadia theme. I am wanting my Categories links in the sidebar to show in alpha order, instead of chrono order. Is such a thing possible? I notice links and pages can be displayed alpha, if desired, so maybe I am missing it. Thanks very much.

  2. Unfortunely no. It's up to the theme creator to offer such a feature and this theme does not.


  3. i have the same problem :(
    didnt find a way to solve this problem

  4. the best way is to edit the theme....

  5. the best way is to edit the theme....

    Agreed but we can't do that here. :)

    Submit a feedback to the admins and suggest a fix for the theme in question.

  6. That sucks. I wanted to put mine in alphabetical order too.

  7. Looks like they are to me. You must have either retyped them in or changed themes.

    I like that pic on your blog with the gas prices reflected in water droplets.

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