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how to have followers?

  1. hello. i started this blog a month ago and i really need followers cause me and my friend made a bet. HOW? it's about random things, really. and i think i'm good in writing. help?

    here'S the blog:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Read lots of other blogs, comment in them, make sure your display name in your comments links back to your blog, other people will come to your blog and so on...

    Find blogs by clicking the W in the top right corner when you're logged in to your account and click on Reader - in right pane click on 'explore topics' to find other blogs you like.

    Do searches on Google for wordpress blogs with interests like your own.

    Read this:

    And finally - please bear in mind that these forums are meant for technical problems.

  3. Sorry - click W in top left corner...

  4. Take a look at using tags to search the forums. This is a question asked all the time. For example:

    You can change the search tag by replacing "increase-traffic" with other terms: note the "-" between the two words.

    There is also a Support document:

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