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How to have multiple admins, same invites info?

  1. Hi, I am using a blog for a course this semester and I have made my TA an admin also. I've made the blog private and both of us sent out invites to students to join the blog. The problem is that he can only see the students he's invited on his dashboard and I can only see the students I've invited. But it is THE SAME BLOG! Is there a way that we can both have access to the same invite list (or more generally, I'd rather there be only one "central command center" for the blog)? Thank you, Deborah

  2. Sure: you simply have to share the same user ID.

  3. OK, thank you. But I don't want to share the same user ID -- for one thing, I want everyone to be able to differentiate btwn my posts and my TA's posts. Is there no other way around this?

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