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How to have multiple photo albums on a page?

  1. Hi

    I think I've looked through all the help threads on "image gallerys" but I'm still not finding my answer. I'm trying to create a page called Gallery that looks something like this

    We just created our blog here on WordPress and this is the last piece that we are missing. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This still did not answer my question. I looked at this link before. Please click on the 1st link that I showed. This is what I'm looking to get

  3. Yes I already looked at it. The link you posted is to a site that is NOT a free hosted blog. The theme on it cannot be used here at WordPress.COM. WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG are completely separate and the themes are no interchangeable.

  4. oops! missing letter
    no interchangeable = not interchangeable

  5. Yes, I understand that the link I posted is not I'm just trying to do it using the Responsive theme that I have. I'm basically wanting a page full of photo albums. Where I can click one and then go to the all the photos for that album. Is there a way to do that or will I just need to use a table?

  6. Here is a blog that does exactly what I'm looking for

  7. Yes and it's using the Anthem theme.

  8. Looks like they have a Page called Galleries - then a pile of Child Pages under Galleries Page - each Child page has a single Gallery on it -

    The Galleries Page is just a bunch of links from the pictures to the Child Pages - still only one Gallery per Page / Post - just linked to look like many Galleries on a single Page

  9. Ok but I want to keep my Responsive theme. Will I be able to do that with my current theme? If so what are the steps to do that?

  10. Thank you auxclass. This is what I was getting at :-)

  11. You be welcome & good luck

  12. Hello, I got here because I am looking for a way to organize photo albums in my uploaded pictures.

    I plan to upload about 200 images for about 50 pages. I would like to keep the images well classified in photo albums. As I see, all 200 images would go to the same 'album', not nice at all.


  13. yep, that was my problem too so I did as @auxclass suggested and it worked out well.

    You need to create a table. I went with three column...Here's a link to my website

    If you don't know the code for how to start a table let me know

  14. Hi mrsdubose,

    My question is different, I want to keep my 200 pictures clasiffied in my library, not in the pages or posts.

    All your pictures, even they are now separated in your posts, they all together in a large list in your media library, right?

    Thanks for the reply

  15. yep, from what I know about the media library all pictures will be lumped together. Before you upload it might be could to name the pictures so once uploaded you will know what gallery you want them to be in

    I don't know of a way to do separate out the media library other than by Image, Video, etc. In your page you can create multiple galleries though??

  16. Yes, mrsdubose, but since I dont see any official information, les's hope WordPress clarifies...

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