How to have readers subscribe?

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    Simple question. Some of my readers have asked if it’s possible to subscribe to my blog so that they recieve emails everytime I update. How do I do this?




    use ‘Entry RSS’ under Meta widget to subscribe your entire blog. Just put that RSS address in any RSS feedreader and your reader’s will get automatic updates of your blog.



    That is how they will get feeds, but they will not get emails. Email notifications of updates are fairly old technology. I would highly recommend you teach your readers about feeds instead, as they are much easier to use and brings the content to the reader not just an email that says “go visit the site”.

    For blogs which post frequently, email notifications are annoying. You get an email for every post released. For blogs which post rarely, feeds are still the best way for people to “subscribe” so they don’t miss a thing on your blog.



    I use Feedburner for my email subscribers. An email is sent to subscribers with that day’s posts. So if you post 3 times in one day they only get one email with all 3 posts. If you don’t post they get no email. Each email includes the entire post, not just a notification. My blog has more email subscribers than feed subscribers and I offer both options.

    Happy blogging.


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