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How to Hide Angela Smiley

  1. As many WP users have found, WP enables stat tracking by loading a small image of a smiley (called Angela) at the bottom of the page. For most users Angela is not troublesome, but in the event that you need to hide her, you can do so via the Custom CSS upgrade, without adversely affecting your stats traffic by adding the following code:

    [sourcecode language='css']
    img#wpstats {

    This will hide the image as long as the css file loads, but should not interfere with the stat tracker as the image is still theoretically loading behind the style.

  2. ack. it seems the sourcecode tag didn't work. sorry.

  3. Not quite what you asked for, but this works for me:

    #wpstats {
  4. The sourcecode doesn't work, but if you use backticks, they work the same way. The forum is slightly different.

  5. Not quite sure either but I puff her off somewhere on Sandbox this way:`#footer .wp-smiley {
    display:none !important;}`
    yet still having my wp stats work normally.

  6. It's not called anything - it's just a smiley. It has no name.

  7. Er, it's called Angela - forums, passim.

  8. I like her whatever her name is, she shows me that someone is visiting and as a new blog I need all the help I can get lol...

  9. It was called Angela by someone, but Andy created it and uses it for everyone's stats and it is formally known as "The smiley who has no name" :)

  10. Hahahaha love it... Thanks for the info Mark... "The smiley who has no name" is alway's welcome round at my gaff ...

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