How to hide content so that it is only accessible to me

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    I am a teacher, and I write the minutes of our class discussions on my blog. I want to have access to this stuff MYSELF next year, but I will want to HIDE it from everyone else so that students can’t “cheat” and look ahead. How can I do this?
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    You can make your blog private via Settings -> Privacy in your blog’s Dashboard.


    I want to keep using the same blog each year though.



    If you mark your blog as private, only you and the users you choose will be able to view the content.

    Do you want to have certain posts private and keep others public for your students? If so, you’ll need to manually mark those posts as private by following these instructions:


    I wanted to mark all the old ones as private at the end of the year, and then start “fresh”, but still be able to reference them myself. Marking each one individually seems like a pain, but thank you for the help.

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