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how to hide page title (yes again)

  1. Sorry folks, i am ashamed to ask this but I have been at it for about 14 hrs now with no luck.I have read a encyclopedia worth of help post to try to get this figured out, but every time i try it, I can not find the code on my php pages that they are asking me to modify.

    Here is the site

    All I want is the home text gone for good.I can design my own page layout and the "home" text is right in the way :(

    Seriously If i hadn't tried this a million times, i wouldnt ask for help.

  2. when they say go here and look for this code I do.But the code they ask me to find is never there. :(

  3. I'm afraid you are in the wrong forum and need to be at WordPress.ORG for help. We can't access the php on our sites on

  4. ok thanks rain!

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