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How to hide subpages on Redoable Lite?

  1. Hi,
    I'm using the Redoable Lite for my blog. Ever since we changed to the WordPress 2.7, subpages are now listed under the header for a page and it looks really messy.
    Anyone know how to hide it again?

  2. (Just to avoid possible confusion in case others happen to consult this thread in the future: Subpage tabs are never displayed in the header. You mean under the page HEADING.)

  3. I had brought this up in another thread yesterday and contacted support. Here is the thread where I have copied their reply to me. I is supposed to be and enhancement! Bah!

  4. I'm also having the same problem. Even with no subpages, or with the subpages set to private, there's still that x page subpages under the title (see here).

  5. Actually, it's not so much a problem for me, as I've only got one subpage, but I can see how it could get messy.

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