How to hide tags from appearing on pages?

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    I’m wondering if there is a way to hide my tags from appearing on my pages without purchasing the CSS editing tool?

    I know CSS, and I know that I can purchase a tool that allows me to edit the CSS for my pages, but I’ve only just started using wordpress, and at this point I’m not sure I want to stay with wordpress.

    I would like to see how my pages will look without the small aesthetic flaws so that I can develop an overall look for my pages. Then I can begin using wordpress, and make my evaluation of it.

    Thank you for your time

    The blog I need help with is


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    Is this the blog you are asking about: ?

    Besides CSS, the only way to not see those tags is to not use tags or categories.
    Categories and tags play a vital role in getting search engines to discover your blog. If you are just experimenting for how it looks, then SEO won’t be an issue until you are ready to really use the blog.

    Categories also help to organize your blog, so if you were to just not use them you wouldn’t see/understand their usefulness.

    In the Inove theme, you can turn off tags linking to the global tags, but I think they would still be visible.


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    My mistake:
    What you can turn off in Inove is whether or not the categories and tags are visible.

    (I suppose they would still link to global tags, but if no one can see them …


    Yes, that’s the correct blog.

    I thought about just deleting the tags, but then I wouldn’t see any real world stats for the blog.

    Or would I? I can’t really say, because I don’t know how/when the tags are reported to search engines, but I’m thinking I could turn them off temporarily to see how the site looks, then turn them back on, and I won’t lose any search engine ratings.

    Any thoughts on this?


    “My mistake:
    What you can turn off in Inove is whether or not the categories and tags are visible.

    (I suppose they would still link to global tags, but if no one can see them” …

    I’ll look into that.

    What I really want is for the tags to be visible to search engines and the like, but not visible to the people who visit my pages.

    Thanks your help so far.


    One more question; What is Inove?


    Now I see, it’s an actual Theme.

    Interesting, the tags are in the right side bar, which I can live with. I wonder if I can do that with my current theme?


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    I am not sure what you mean “tags are in the right side bar?”

    Right now you have Pages, Top Posts, Categories, and Calendar. Those are widgets, must be the ones that come with Vigilance. You can change and add widgets as needed: Appearance —> Widgets
    If those are the original widgets, when you add a new one, they will all disappear except for the one you added. If you want them back, just drag them into your sidebar.

    There is a tag cloud widget, a category cloud, and a category widget which you can configure as drop-down or a list.


    Yes, I’ve found the widgets options page, and that’s how I got to the point I’m at now.

    Before my tags were appearing below the title of my post/s, seems that if I don’t install the tag cloud widget in the sidebar the system defaults to placing the tags under the post’s title header.

    Seems I’ll still have to purchase the Edit CSS option if I want control over the attributes of the side bar items, which I’m O.K. with.

    The biggest problem I’m having right now with WordPress is the fact that the titles of the options aren’t very intuitive, which makes it difficult to find the options I want to work with.

    Why didn’t they make those easier to understand? BlogSurfer, ReadOmatic; What?

    @ WordPress: A mouse over description or two would be a big help.

    Is the downloadable version of wordpress the same, do you still have to purchase the ability to edit your CSS or does it give you more freedom?

    Again thanks for your help


    To clear up a few things:

    • The Category widget displays all the categories you have assigned to your published posts. Same with the Tag Cloud widget, only it’s limited to the 45 most used tags.

    • What shows up in the post metadata (above or below or next to) a post is the categories and tags you have assigned to that particular post.

    • Clicking on a tag or a category in the widget links to your posts. Clicking on a tag or a category in the most metadata links to the global WP pages (to posts from other WP blogs using the same tag or category).

    • Tags and categories are exactly the same thing: for search engines they’re both tags.

    • Hiding them in iNove (or Monochrome) means you don’t see them in the post metadata but search engines still see them – see here:


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    do you still have to purchase the ability to edit your CSS

    The free WordPress software might be similar to what we have here on, but you can do many more things hosting your own site than we can.

    No, you would not pay for doing CSS, because you are paying for your site and as long as you comply with your host’s TOS, you can do as you like. If something goes wrong, then you have to fix it,

    Here takes care of security and servers and all the technical stuff I don’t want to learn about, and because we all share the platform there are restrictions and limitations.

    You have probably read this, but here it is in case you haven’t:


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    We’re a team: I started at the bottom of s-w-c’s post and you started at the top!

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