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    Hi everyone, was wondering if you could please help me. I am not very good with CSS but I was wondering if someone could give me the code which will enable me to hide tags from every post?
    I am using massive press theme and want it to have a magazine style look.

    The second thing I would like to know is can you have the Authors name appear instead of their blog name?

    I hope someone can help. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t it is possible to cleanly hide the tags. The following code hides only the tags

    .entry-meta > a[rel="tag"] {
        display: none;
    .entry-meta > span:nth-child(6) {
        display: none;

    But the word “and” and the punctuation marks can’t be hidden as they are directly inside the “.entry-meta” div.

    To hide that entire row use this

    .entry-meta {

    If you don’t want to use tags at all why not delete everything in Posts > Tags.

    Where do you want to display the author’s name?


    Thank you for getting back to me! I will try out the codes now and see which works best for me.

    Authors name preferably at the bottom but along the top would be fine too. I could have them type “By John Smith” at the end of their articles but I want to know is there away to have the Author name with link (as opposed to their blog name and link) – e.g posted by John Smith instead of Posted by johnsmithblog… hope that makes sense.



    Go to Users > My Profile and set a name in the Display name publicly as field.


    @cultnoisemagazine, have each author on your site do that in their profile in their dashboard.


    thank you guys


    You are welcome.

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