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How to hide the photo's info and the comment box from my slideshow

  1. I've been researching but I can't find the answer. I just want my slideshow "clean", with no info about camera, shutter, etc either the comment box. Please, is there any way to hide all that? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I spent all day trying to solve it, believe me..

  3. I need not exactly the same, but I actually implemented a Flickr-Slideshow and it is working. The Problem is just, that this slideshow is creating a Black Square around it. The good thing: No one can open the pictures at full size.

    So do somebody know how to hide the OXYGEN-Slideshow-Timeline too?

    But I guess it is implemented into that slideshow, so without possibility to alter the configuration??

  4. @fernandoalonso74:
    Settings > Media: uncheck the option "Show photo metadata", click Save Changes.

    If you're talking about the blog linked to your username, it's nor a Flickr slideshow, it's the WP slideshow; and here's the first of the images that "no one can open at full size":

  5. Heja Justpi :D

    Thanks for your pointout, but what you was opening is of course the OXYGEN-Slideshow. I need to know, how to switch exactly THIS off. Cause the Flickr-Slideshow I was testing recently DONT HAVE this.

    Any Ideas? :)

    To clear it more:

    -You saw my page and the slideshow on the mainpage

    under the slideshow are all the pictures related to that slideshow. And THOSE I want to switch onto invisible... So People cant download my pictures in full-size...

  6. a) That's not the "OXYGEN-Slideshow", it's the WordPress slideshow: nothing to do with the particular theme.
    b) As you've found out by now, when you insert a WP slideshow in a page, you don't have to insert the individual images as well.
    c) Now that you have removed those, I'm repeating the demonstration, so that you won't have the illusion that "people cant download your pictures in full-size"; here's the second of your images - taken from the slideshow itself, as before:

  7. A) Oh okay, thanks for that. Thought this is a special slideshow only for Oxygen, cause I found other slideshows on other kind of themes, where the slideshow is different.

    b) Yeah? I dont know how... I followed the instructions of WordPress. But I will try it again

    C) I KNOOOOOW xD But thanks anyway. And no, the pictures are still there,... if you look carefully, you will probably see them still...
    So if I am doing it right on b), I will fix my problem?

    thanks til up here...

  8. Heja,

    I fixed it now on the portrait-side of my Blog.
    But can you still get the pictures in fullsize?

    Greetz ;)

  9. You're welcome.

    "Thought this is a special slideshow only for Oxygen, cause I found other slideshows on other kind of themes, where the slideshow is different."
    You're probably confusing the standard WP slideshow (which can be inserted in the content of a post or a static page on any theme) with the post slider that some themes (including Oxygen) support. Check the theme demo:
    The slideshow displays images, the post slider showcases posts.

    "But can you still get the pictures in fullsize? "

  10. @justpi, again THANK YOU so much, it's the second time you give me a hand this week :)

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