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How to hide/change post author?

  1. I have two blogs: "anjalive" and "aprinceofserendip." I created anjalive first so that's my log-in username. I created the second one more recently. I do not want the second one to show a connection to the first.

    However, when I post to aprinceofserendip there is a line at the bottom of the post that says "posted by anjalive." How do I either hide this line, or make it say "posted by aprinceofserendip" instead?

  2. edit your profile (click your username next to the log out link), then put the nickname you wish to use. take note that people may be able to relate the two blogs to each other through your profile. to keep them entirely separate, it's best to have two accounts.

  3. I advise against maintaining different blogs under the same user account when they are not meant to show a connection.

    The Author archives always have your in the URI. E.g.: each blog 'Im involved with has my author archives accessible at:

    http:// you get the idea

    This allows to positively identify someone's involvement with a blog.

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